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Article 2.

I - The Millionaires VIP Club, consists of a limited number of members whose purpose is the application of resources and their own assets or third parties; such as precious stones, gold, oil, minerals, bearer shares, gas, urban and rural properties, or declared financial resources, for the joint constitution of diversified portfolios of MILLIONAIRES VIP CLUB;
II - Of Members, of Shares and their Payment.


Article 2.

I - The number of members can not exceed 1500 (one thousand and five hundred) nor be less than 03 (three).
Sole Paragraph - No share holder of the Club may hold more than 40% of the shares issued.


Article 3.

I - The resources delivered by the members for administration and investments, will be represented by book value shares subscribed in the following categories:

  • A ) Founding Member ( 1000 ) EMERALD category,
    the value of each share will be 1,000.00 (thousand euros);
  • B ) Founding Member ( 200 ) RUBY category,
    the value of each share will be 5,000.00 (five thousand euros);
  • C ) Founding Partner ( 100 ) category SILVER,
    each share will be 10,000.00 (ten thousand euros);
  • D ) Founding Member ( 100 ) GOLD category,
    each share will be 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand euros);
  • E ) Founding Member ( 100 ) DIAMOND category,
    the value of each share will be 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand euros);
  • F ) Founding Member ( 150 ) PLATINUM category,
    each share will be worth 1,000,000.00 (one million euros);
Sole Paragraph: The share deposit account shall contain, at least, the name of the shareholder and the number of shares held.


Article 4.

I - The initial value of a share is set according to options (a) to (f), and its option value is described in the share.


Article 5.

I - The admission of new members after the date of incorporation of the Club is authorized, by signing the Instrument of Adherence to these Bylaws, observing the limits established in art. 2.


Article 6.

I - The new members of the Club can subscribe their shares by the patrimonial value, paying only with financial resources, on the day of the signing of the Term of Adhesion.

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MILLIONAIRE VIP CLUB, formed from the desire of share holders from around the world, to be divided into a maximum of 1,500 members.


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THE MILLIONAIRE VIP & CLUB, is still the best way to make lots of money. This is a good way to become a millionaire.

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