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Privacy Policy


General provisions
Your name will never be declared, your activities within the Club, will be guarded by absolute secrecy.

Origin of personal data
Completion of the Term of Membership, once approved, your Quotist's certificate, will be sent by the post office, good notice of delivery and receipt.

Purpose of data processing
Your data will be stored for the internal use of the Club, not being allowed any distribution or dissemination, or use in advertisements and marketing.

Length of data storage
Only as long as the Bidder is the owner of the Club Title, in any category whatsoever.

Recipients and data processors
Only between the Member Member and Club Administration.

Customer Rights
In accordance with the Regulations, you have the right to:

1. have access to personal data;

2. rectify your personal data;

3. request the exclusion of personal data;

4. oppose the processing of personal data;

5. portability of data;

6. to revoke consent with the processing of personal data in writing or by email at:

7. submit a complaint with a supervisory authority in case of suspected violation of the Regulation.

Security of personal data
1. The Responsible declares to take all technical and organizational precautions necessary for the protection of personal data;

2. The responsible person has taken the technical precautions to ensure a secure data storage, in particular, protecting access to the computer with a password, using anti-virus software and regularly maintaining the computer.

Final dispositions
1. By sending an electronic request to the site the Client confirms that he is informed about all the conditions of the protection of personal data and accepts them in full;

2. The Customer accepts the rules by selecting the check box on the purchase order form;

3. The Responsible Party has the right to update these rules at any time. The updated version should be published on the Responsible's website.

These rules shall enter into force on [following the signature of the Instrument of Accession]

MILLIONAIRE VIP CLUB, formed from the desire of share holders from around the world, to be divided into a maximum of 1,500 members.


Via Maggio, 1

CH6900 - Lugano

+ (33) 6894 - 779 - 98

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