Economic Objective

To bring together a group of shareholders, in a total of 1,500, to raise capital and values, for the purchase and sales of precious metals, diamonds, precious stones, oil, and other stocks with good potential for profitability, through the companies who hold shares in the stock exchange, up to the limit of 60% of the total capital of the Club.

The other 40% will be invested in buying and selling or intermediation of products without risks.

Profitability Quota

The profitability in each social quote, will be guaranteed on a monthly basis, and credited to the shareholder's account, maintaining the same original value as its quota.

The activities will be carried out by external teams contracted by the Club.

There will be no risk to the quota holders, since their quotas will be guaranteed by a certificate of ownership of an Esmeralda-type precious stone deposited in a security house in Switzerland. rentabilidade em cada quota social, será garantida de uma forma mensal, e creditada na conta do cotista, mantendo o mesmo valor original da sua cota.

MILLIONAIRE VIP CLUB, formed from the desire of share holders from around the world, to be divided into a maximum of 1,500 members.


Via Maggio, 1

CH6900 - Lugano

+ (33) 6894 - 779 - 98

THE MILLIONAIRE VIP & CLUB, is still the best way to make lots of money. This is a good way to become a millionaire.

Millionaire Vip & Club


Here you will find the documents in relation to the club.

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